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South Indian Education Society's Indian Institute of Environment Management (SIES- IIEM) was established in 1999 at the SIES Campus in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. It has been contributing in R&D, Academics and Outreach activities in the areas of Sustainable Environment Management. IIEM has grown extensively and recognized by University of Mumbai as a Ph. D. degree centre for Environmental Sciences and Scientific and Industrial Research Organization from Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, GoI. The institute is actively working with regulatory authorities, Government institutions, industries and private environmental consultancies. Through various R&D projects and industrial consultancy, faculty of the department provides high quality technical advisory support to various public and private organizations. Apart from sponsored projects, institute offers consultancy facilities for the solutions of real time environmental problems. We also provide comprehensive laboratory testing and analysis service for different type of chemical and biological samples, using our fully equipped, advanced testing laboratories with an objective to develop innovative solutions for sustainable environment management through R&D.

Since its foundation, IIEM has been an active proponent of knowledge based research and development to address upstream concerns on conservation of natural resources and protection of environment. IIEM took up challenging issues in the areas of sustainable management of hazardous waste and drinking water; anaerobic biotechnology, development of biofertilizers, biosurfactants, eco- restoration of natural resources, GIS etc. These research projects were supported with funding from DST, DBT, IGIDR, Mumbai, MoEF, MMR- EIS and Wetlands International South Asia & Loktak Development Authority and ICMR.

While the initial research projects were primarily in the area of Environment Management, IIEM rapidly evolved and today its structure also comprises the human resource skills and infrastructure to facilitate contemporary research in different areas of environment. The research projects handled by the institute over the last five years in these areas include Climate change adaptation and mitigation, biomonitoring and indexing of rivers of Maharashtra, treatment of landfill leachate, management of industrial waste, application of beneficial microorganisms as biofertilizers and bioremediation, low cost water purification technologies, treatment of hazardous waste by electro oxidation methods and application of GIS in the monitoring of groundwater. These research projects have obtained financial support from different government and non - government funding agencies viz. DST, BRNS, MPCB, MMREIS, Agrisearch India Ltd. and Ramkys Mumbai Waste Management.

In the year of its inception, SIES IIEM offered its first autonomous academic programme, Post Graduate Diploma in Environment Management designed with the overall objective of preparing decision makers to devise win-win solution to environment problems through a state-of-the-art curriculum on problem solving mode that encompasses management aspects of Environmental Technology (cleaner and clean-up), Environmental Biotechnology and Information Technology.

The explosion in genomic information and in elucidation of metabolic and signalling pathways of various cell types created an unprecedented, but largely unmet, demand of professionals with working knowledge of both biological sciences and computational techniques. In 2001, SIES-IIEM designed and offered an autonomous course; Post Graduate Diploma in Bioinformatics (PGDB) to create professionals with the requisite dual expertise and also the ability to integrate the same for a knowledge-based interface of biology and information technology.

Biotechnology as a business segment for India has the potential of generating revenues to the tune of US$ 5 Billion and creating one million jobs by 2010. The availability of scientific and technical human resource in biotechnology is imperative to capitalize on the immense potential of this emerging, knowledge intensive sector. SIES-IIEM introduced an autonomous programme; Post Graduate Diploma in Applied and Industrial Biotechnology (PGDAIB) in 2005 with industry focused training to cater to the technical skills demand in the life sciences industry.

In addition to the above in-house courses, in 2005, SIES IIEM initiated a collaborative attempt with the SIES College of Management Studies to introduce a Post Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology Business Management. Through this course the concepts of management are introduced to a cadre of professionals who in future would man the biotechnology based industry in the sectors of agriculture, health, food, environment etc.

Currently, institute is research centre for Environmental Sciences for Ph. D. in Environmental Sciences under University of Mumbai and is an extension centre for M. Sc. in Sustainable Development and Environment Management affiliated to University of Mumbai's Garware Institute of Career Education and Development. Institute also offers autonomous Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Environment Management for working professionals to bridge the knowledge gap in professionals as well as train them on current developments.

Prof. Purshottam Khanna, our Founder Director received a citation of Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2007 for his contribution in the committee of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

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