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Environmental Pollution Monitoring, Assessment and Control

  • Wastewater and drinkinjg water characterization and treatment
  • Advanced Oxidation Technology
  • Air Pollution Monitoring
  • Characterization of soil
  • Lab analysis services

Ecology and Biodiversity

  • Assessment of ecosystem services and biodiversity indexing
  • Biomonitoring and indexing of aquatic ecosystems
  • Nature Based Solutions Mpping and Mainstreaming
  • Mapping of Resources and Modelling

Microbial interventions in Environment Management

  • Identification and characterization of Beneficial microorganisms
  • Bioremediation and phytoremediation
  • Characterization of Activated Sludge
  • Mass production of Biofertilizers and biopesticides

Environment Management

  • Desigining of policies and plans as per agenda 2030 of Sustainable Development for industries and institutions
  • Environment and Green Audit as per NAAC and NBA Requirement
  • Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment, Identification of Adaptation and Mitigation Technologies. Carbon Neutrality Activities

Execution of CSR Initiatives

  • Execution of CSR Initiatives
  • Defining of strategy, planning, implementation and execution of activities
  • Capacity building and skill development
  • Community mobilization for livelhood generation by developing theme based hubs

Other services

  • Survey and data analysis
  • Preperation of DPR, proposals, SOPs
  • Training Programmes, Customized events

Natural Capital Assessment Services

The faculty at SIES IIEM are skilled researchers with many years of academic and consultancy experience. We deliver high quality and rigorous ecological and environmental data, backed up by extensive project management experience. We emphasize on effective knowledge exchange to ensure sector specific project as per client requirement. The specific area wise expertise available @ Natural Capital Exchange are as below:

Implementation of Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services Concept

  • Integration of business practises and decision making with natural capital and ecosystem services concept

Assessment of Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services

  • Qualitative and quantitative approaches
  • GIS mapping
  • Foot printing
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Land Use And Biodiversity Opportunity Mapping

  • GIS based land use map of an area, habitat and species

Training and Capacity Building

Corporate Social Responsibility

SIES Institute of Environment Management is a premier institute in the field of sustainable environment management for last 18 years. The institute is proactively striving for generating value based technological innovations and developing future leaders for the Sustainable Management of Environment. The technologies generated in the institute as well as identified have been transferred for the betterment of society by establishing linkages with multisectoral partners. The industries have been guided and supported for creating, managing and monitoring of CSR initiatives on a turn key basis. Some of the key areas wherein the institute has expertise are as below:

Technical Support in CSR services

  • Support in the development of CSR stratigies for industries
  • Implementation of CSR strategies in industries and execution of activities in the areas of environmental and societal development.
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Compliance and regulatory affairs in the areas of environment
  • Impact assessment of CSR activities by industries
  • CSR communication

CSR Services

  • Linkages with NGO partners
  • Community engagement and mobilization
  • Capacity building
  • Training and outreasch activities
  • Volunteering
  • Promotions
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