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Inspired and comprehending the educational and research needs associated with the emergence and acceptance of sustainable development as the societal policy paradigm, the Indian Institute of Environment Management was established in 1999 in the sprawling SIES campus in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. The institute aspires synergistic combination of multidisciplinary skills in the areas of Environmental Science Environment Management, Applied Biotechnology and Bioinformatics.

First International Conference on Environmental Management and Sustainability
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Second Round of Admissions of Post Graduate Diploma Courses
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Application form for Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Environment Management
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We offer Consultancy Services and CSR Activities in Environment.
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Applications invited for research training/ dissertation in the areas of Environment Management/ Membrane Technology and Environmental Biotechnology.
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Awareness Programme on Plastics in the Environment
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World Environment Day celebration
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Fly Ash Utilization for Sustainable Environment Management: Waste to Resource Material
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